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     Pingyuan Xinda Chemical Co.,ltd. is specialized in research,manufacture,development and international trade of fine chemical and custom chemical.
     Our Company is a modern chemical enterprise mainly engaged in producing and selling dye- intermediates , medical- intermediates, Octadecanoyl chloride,chloroformic ester,ultra-violet absorber,paper industry etc. We are the biggest manufacturer for J ACID UREA in the world. The annual output of J  ACID UREA is 1500tons.
       PTSI (P-toluenesulfonyl Isocyanate) have entered the world market by right of remarkable quality , fine service and good prestige.
       Our resource superiority is that we have PHOSGENE with an output  20000 tons every year. we always attention the development of the international chemical industry and probe new products of  PHOSGENE industry, we will go forward with our customers together for a wonderful future by our most sincere service, and the best quality products.

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